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What is the reason of the Chinese LED manufacturers to accelerate the collapse

03-18 admin 14

The global economic crisis raging, with the European debt crisis, the overall socio-economic environment remained weak in general, so that Europe and other countries are being prepared for each of the LED display projects have hurried off the assembly line, who are worried about their purchasing power in the LED lighting products customers, nor large purchase desire, and even hand goods are worried about poor sales. But at this stage, the domestic LED products market is just starting immature market, most companies are heavily dependent on export of LED products.

Shenzhen LED Industry Association, the latest news, because LED product sales did not live to the expectations of the LED industry appear serious excess capacity, more than half had a large LED production equipment in a stall condition, some companies in the closure of. To the mass consumer market, is the ultimate goal of high-power LED lighting. Currently, the prices remain high, making the production companies do not approach "quantity", which in turn limits the prices dropping. Volume and price of the contradictions plaguing many LED manufacturers.

In this case, if the Western countries have adopted the oil embargo on Iran, the global economy has been unable to avoid stagnation, then either the entire market economy or our attention LED industry are undoubtedly worse, by that time it will not be present statistical LED manufacturers in Shenzhen, more than 80 collapse, large closures will accelerate soon.

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