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LED lighting international markets fell sharply

03-18 admin 7

2011 has entered the end, this year's LED industry is really very lively: listing, collapse, lose money, on foot, and so varied. But there is always one thing: to survive sizable LED manufacturers are tight layout Luo clouds local market, but this was among the few to earn money. Overall, the current LED field, earn money across international markets is still factory, gross profit is relatively high.

Many LED manufacturers in China is a key market layout does not leave the country, in addition to corresponding client local contractors, as well as more local traders, the majority of the flow of the final product is where? Docking with the traders who? Of course, the international market customers and the international market dealers.

Recent international market always hear do LED friends shouting, saying the international market more and more bad. Some also say that as early as a few years ago people still do LED trade a lot of money, these two years have done quite difficult. But why LED technology with mature and expanding markets, more and more bad actually do it?

LED lighting international market the harder to do because of the following points:

1.Price Drop: With so many LED manufacturers put into this one, the market was squeezed.

2.Under the sales plan: current LED industry mix, productivity growth in the outbreak patterns, capacity of the market to expand production capacity can not keep up, because some many of the company's sales appear underlined phenomenon.

3.International markets have become increasingly demanding: Today the international market for the buyer, not just the requirements of illuminance and light perception such a simple thing, the North American market for UL certification requirements are very strict.

4.The global economic crisis, European LED market weakness: the continued weakness in the overall socio-economic environment in general, so that Europe and other countries are being prepared for each of the LED display projects have hurried offline.

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